The Promotional Items Your Customers Will Use Most

9 January 2019
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From "clicky" pens to calendars, there are a lot of promotional items that customers love to get. Ideally, your promotional items should be something that your customers are going to take a look at every day, and something that won't just fade into the background. Here are a few of the best custom items you can bring to your next trade show or seminar.

Custom Corporate Mugs

Everyone loves collecting mugs. Custom mugs that are clever, unique, or otherwise interesting are more likely to be used and viewed. Don't just emblazon a mug with your corporate logo. Consider adding a compelling quote or an amusing image.

Bags and Totes

Very few people actually buy totes, but nearly everyone uses them. As many stores are now banning plastic bags, grocery totes are becoming more common. Totes are a great way to show your personality to customers with fun designs and quotes. Moreover, a tote bag is not just going to be seen by your customer, but also by those around them.

Flash Drives

Everyone can use an extra flash drive, and many people will find themselves using a flash drive multiple times. Flash drives are surprisingly affordable to make and customize, but they also have some value. Thus, your customer is more likely to keep it and make use of it.


A calendar isn't just a great idea due to its longevity. A calendar can also have information regarding your business on it. A tax company might highlight important tax deadlines, while an auto servicing company might highlight times for auto servicing. Just make sure it also looks good: it will be competing with a lot of other corporate calendars throughout the year.


Notebooks are a consumable item just like pens, but they are far less likely to get lost or traded. Pens are good promotional items when they are first given out (because everyone wants a pen), but they're also very quickly lost, and very few people actually look at what is written on them. A notebook provides better utility and can also contain a large amount of information about the business on some of its pages. 

Promotional items live in your customers' houses and remind them that your business exists. By providing them with promotional items that are appealing to them, you can encourage them to think of your business and call you when you are most needed.